WiFi Deauth Detector v3 (ESP8266)


Deauth detector could detect a Wi-Fi deauthentication attack. This deauth detector (esp8266) could also be re-flashed with deauther attack firmware to perform WiFi attacks.

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    What is a deauth detector?


    Deauth detector (esp8266) could detect a Wi-Fi deauthentication attack. Also you can flash any program by yourself. After you know how it works you can also flash deauth program to this board. This usb kit also could be an attack tool to perform WiFi attack.


    What makes it special?


    • Buzzer — GPIO5 RGB LED– GPIO4 Deauth detector V3 replaced high light LED with a buzzer.
    • Now it could show different status by different color and sound.
    • If you are under WiFi deauth attacked, RGB LED will turn red and buzzer start playing music. If nothing happened then RGB LED turn green.
    • You can plug it into power bank or any 5V USB port.
    • It is also an ESP8266 starter kit, you can use it learn esp8266. You can start from how to control buzzer or RGB LED.
    • ESP-12E inside, it has 4MB memory.


    Package Includes


    1 x ESP8266 Deauther Detector V3 with Case

    Deauth Source Code

    How to install it

    You will only need to follow one of the installation methods!

    Uploading the .bin file

    Upload the deauth_detector.bin using the nodemcu-flasher or the esptool from Espressif.

    Using Arduino

    1 Install Arduino
    2 Install the ESP8266 SDK
    3 Download this project and open it with Arduino 4 Maybe customize the code:

    #define channel 1 //the channel it should scan on (1-14)
    #define channelHopping true //scan on all channels
    #define maxChannel 13 //US = 11, EU = 13, Japan = 14
    #define ledPin 2 //led pin ( 2 = built-in LED)
    #define inverted true // invert HIGH/LOW for the LED
    #define packetRate 3 //min. packets before it gets recognized as an attack
    #define scanTime 500 //scan time per channel in ms

    5 Upload the code to your ESP8266 (don’t forget to set it to the right upload settings!)


    USB Attack Firmware

    This software allows you to easily perform a variety of actions to test 802.11 wireless networks by using an inexpensive ESP8266 WiFi SoC (System On A Chip).


    The main feature, the deauthentication attack, is used to disconnect devices from their WiFi network. No one seems to care about this huge vulnerability in the official 802.11 WiFi standard. I hope it raises more attention on the issue.


    In 2009 the WiFi Alliance actually fixed the problem (see 802.11w), but only a few companies implemented it into their devices and software. To effectively prevent a deauthentication attack, both client and access point must support the 802.11w standard with protected management frames (PMF). While most client devices seem to support it when the access point forces it, basically no WiFi access point has it enabled.


    Feel free to test your hardware out, annoy these companies with the problem, share this project and push for a fix! This project is also a great way to learn more about WiFi, micro controllers, Arduino, hacking and electronics/programming in general.


    But please use this tool responsibly and do not use it against others without their permission!


    Download USB Attack Firmware here.


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