SDR with HackRF One (Lesson 5: HackRF One)

Lesson 5 Overview

  • Packaging and enclosure
  • USB port
  • LEDs
  • Buttons
  • ANTENNA port
  • CLKIN and CLKOUT ports
  • libhackrf
  • hackrf-tools
  • Testing USB transfer rates
  • Updating firmware and CPLD
  • RF amplifier

In order to clearly see my screen during the demonstration, viewing the video in full screen mode may help. Even better: You can download this video in high resolution (720p). (torrent)


  1. Download the latest HackRF release.
  2. Update the firmware on your HackRF One. For this and the subsequent steps, you may want to boot to Pentoo or the GNU Radio Live DVD.
  3. Update the CPLD on your HackRF One. There is a known bug that prevents this from working on Windows. How about trying one of those live Linux distros?
  4. Determine the maximum sample rate supported by a USB port.

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