SDR with HackRF One (Lesson 1: Welcome)

Lesson 1 Overview

  • Welcome to the video series
  • Introduction to SDR
  • Introduction to HackRF
  • Course background
  • Introduction to GNU Radio Companion
  • “hello world”, receiving FM radio

In order to clearly see my screen during the demonstration, viewing the video in full screen mode may help. Even better: You can download this video in high resolution (720p). (torrent)


  1. FM radio flowgraph: Create a flowgraph in GNU Radio Companion like the one in the video or the screenshot below. Test the flowgraph by listening to a strong FM radio signal.
hackrf one course lesson 1

2. Add a channel slider: Add a slider to your FM radio flowgraph and use it to change channels while your flowgraph is running.

3. Add a second channel: Update your FM radio flowgraph so that it allows you to listen to two radio stations at the same time. Hint: Use an Add block to combine two audio signals.


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